Set in the near future, the theft of a unique weapon and the kidnapping of the scientist who built it sets in motion a frantic race to stop THE WEAPON from being used. Dr Sam Calder is thrown into an unlikely partnership with a mysterious bodyguard, who drags him on a mission to disarm THE WEAPON before it is used to change the face of the world forever.

A) THE WEAPON A Graphic Novel by Matt Buckett

TW_Cover ISBN: 978-0-9935066-0-4

£11.99 (Book only)

Now also available for the Kindle on Amazon


 B) THE WEAPON + Blueprints (Limited Edition of x100) ONLY X10 LEFT


 £15.00 (Book Plus Limited Edition Blueprints)

A5 / 120gsm blank sketch paper / x80 leaves / brown pulp stock cover



Ink Sketches Vol.1: x32 page paperback booklet (Stapled), £6.99

ipg-splat_small Sample Pages
A collection of ink drawings produced for the Inktober Challenge 2015. The images were produced using random splats of ink that were drawn over to create characters or scenes inspired by the shapes and patterns on the page. Printed on ‘Pro Design’ paper, stapled with a card cover this sketch book is made up of thirty one drawings, one for each day in October. Anyone interested can follow the Inktober phenomenon on Twitter; search for #inktober.

Sketch Books

£4.50 – Blank Sketch Book (+£3.00 p&p)

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